Serve Up a Spicy Feast for Cinco de Mayo

Here are some fun tips for anyone looking to have their own Cinco de Mayo party here at your Azusa luxury apartment. Source: MorgueFile

A Cinco de Mayo menu should be fun, festive, and a little bit spicy. We're sharing a few dishes that will get your menu off to a great start. What Cinco de Mayo party would be complete without some guacamole? Chunky guacamole is easy to prepare and will be a hit with guests. Add lime juice to your recipe to prevent the avocado from browning. Taco … [Read more...]

Watch the LA Kiss with Le Med

The LA Kiss have several fantastic arean football games this season!

What happens when you combine the rock-stylings of KISS with a high-action sporting event? Find out by heading to an LA Kiss game for great arena football near Azusa. Partially owned by KISS rockers Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, the LA Kiss experience pairs amazing athletics with incredible entertainment, including fantastic halftime acts and great … [Read more...]

Tips for Moving Into Your Azusa Luxury Furnished Apt

Here are some tips for anyone about to move into one of our lavish furnished units here at your Azusa luxury apartment community.  Source: Facebook

Renting a furnished apartment provides many conveniences, such as not having to purchase your own furniture and worry about moving it. If you are going to be moving into a furnished apartment in Azusa, here are three things you will need to bring along. For the bedroom in your furnished apartment in Azusa, you will need sheets for the bed, as well as a … [Read more...]

3 Unique Ideas for Your Container Garden

Here are some nice tips for anyone interested in fostering a container garden here at your Azusa luxury apartment. Source: Imgembed

Would you love to have your own garden, but feeling confined by living in an apartment? Your Azusa apartment with a patio is the perfect spot for creating your outdoor oasis. A quirky, but decorative idea for planting is to use recycled furniture. An old desk with open drawers can make an excellent planter. Attach some desk accessories to the top to … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss a Game at the Congregation Ale House

The Congregation Ale House is one of the best sports bars found around your Azusa luxury apartment community.  Source: Facebook

If you’re looking for a sports bar in Azusa, Congregation Ale House is the perfect place to enjoy the game and grab a bite. Congregation Ale House has a wide variety of foods to choose from including their Grilled Rib Eye and White Cheddar Burger, Brandy Pulled Pork and Brie Sandwich, Beer Steamed Bratwurst, Vegan Apple Sage and Artisan Pepperoni and … [Read more...]