The City Of Azusa In Pictures

Azusa is a beautiful city, filled with fantastic little characteristics unique to the town.  With a name as different as Azusa, it only stands to reason that the city’s charm is as unique as its name.

Nothing captures the essence of a city or town more than photographs–literally and figuratively.  Here’s a look at a few photos captured by various photographers, depicting the city of Azusa:

The Bridge to Nowhere, captured by Partner's Trust.

A to Z in the USA! That's the great line capturing the motto of Azusa. Photo credit: Unfading Image

Azusa City Hall from Saxxon57

A good look at the city seal of Azusa

A great sign in the Canyon City. Photo Credit: bedlambalticavenue

Azusa’s eclectic vibe is not just reflected by the many pictures taken over the years by residents and visitors.  It’s also exhibited by its denizens as well.  Our sleep city is an enclave of true community spirit with style and substance.

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